De Coene Products and GEZE Benelux sign cooperation agreement

The activities of both innovative door technology specialists are complementary and synergy effects are created through knowledge sharing. In doing so, both manufacturers share the same goal; increasing accessibility and safety in buildings.

Fireproof and accessible: GEZE DCP AutoSlide EI1 30

[Translate to English:] Deze GEZE DC AutoSlide EI1 30 biedt een uniek deurgeheel dat brandweerstand en automatische werking combineert.

[Translate to English:] Met succes is de combinatie van de GEZE ECdrive T2 aandrijving met houten brandwerende deurvleugels van De Coene Products EI1 30gecertificeerd.

Fire-resistant doors ensure optimum fire safety in a building. By joining forces, both manufacturers have started additional fire tests on wooden fire-resistant sliding doors.

Successfully, the combination of the GEZE ECdrive T2 drive with wooden fire-resistant door leaves from De Coene Products was certified EI1 30. This GEZE DCP AutoSlide EI1 30 offers a unique door assembly that combines fire resistance and automatic operation. This innovative 30-minute fire-resistant wooden sliding door from De Coene Products combined with GEZE sliding door drive ensures automatic and non-contact opening and closing of rooms and compartments.

EI1 30 certified

The required fire resistance classes of the partitions are determined by the regulations in force in the various countries. For Belgium and these sliding door solutions, this is EI1 30. The Coene Products with the GEZE ECdrive T2 is designed to be used in rooms with a fire resistance class EI1 30 according to standard EN 13501-2:2010

The GEZE DCP AutoSlide EI1 30 is now available.

For more information on the partnership or on the GEZE DCP AutoSlide EI1 30, please contact your contact at GEZE or De Coene Products.